How many calories to eat to lose weight? Using calorie calculator


For individuals that look to lose weight, one of the burning question is how many calories to eat to lose weight? Now, many websites and articles talk about how calorie deficit can help you in losing weight and why it is critical that you must keep your calorie intake in check. But there are two primary questions that come up front. One, how many calories should I eat to lose weight. And two, what should be done to keep the calorie count low. Here, we will discuss both the things in detail and will give you an easy guide to weight loss.

How many calories to eat to lose weight?

There is no hard and fast rule to how many calories should one eat for losing weight. The reason is that there are numerous factors involved in weight loss and it differs from person to person. Considering that, you will have to figure out your ratings for each of the factor involved before your calorie deficit requirement is finally calculated.

A general say is that you will lose 1 pound if you have a 3500 calories deficit. This means that by going for 500 calories deficit, you will lose 1 pound weight in a week. However, this is not necessary and you might lose less or more weight because of the other elements involved in the final calculation.

For instance, your height and weight as well as your gender are a few other features too that affect your weight loss. Females tend to consume lesser calories and have lower daily need i.e. 2000 calories on average. On the other side, you have men who need 2500 calories on average for each day. So, eating 1500 calories daily for a female means that she is losing 1 pound a week but a male who is eating the same number of calories, depending on his daily 2500 average caloric intake, will lose twice the weight i.e. 2 pounds a week. Why? Because the deficit of men, 1000 calories each day, is twice than the deficit for ladies which is 500 calories a day.

Using calorie calculator

The calorie calculator is likely to ask you 5 primary things. It will start by asking about your gender and then you will be asked to input your age. Moreover, you have to consider your height, weight, and record your activity level in order to calculate the calories you should consume.

calories to eat to lose weight

The gender directly impacts on your average daily needs of the calories. Height is another factor that is critical in determining your BMI. Moreover, your current weight gives calculator an idea of how you are at this moment, defining whether you are overweight or not. And lastly, by activity, the calculator determines how many calories you are already burning each day.

Now, when you will calculate, you may end up with 3 final calorie counts. First one, the highest, will be the one that you need to maintain your current body weight. Then the next one will guide you about how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight. And lastly, the third count is for those that wish to lose weight fast and are ready to cut down their appetite as much as necessary.

Does that mean I won’t be eating?

You cannot leave out food because your body needs certain nutrients to function appropriately. Without food, you are unable to make your body work the way it is meant to be. The system of a human will only wait for a while to get the right nutrients and if you won’t supply them it will ultimately collapse. Therefore, you have to take care of what you are eating and how you are eating. Food can’t be totally left out. But what do you eat and how much you are eating can certainly be controlled.

And the next thing you can do is increase your activity level. Consuming 2000 calories a day when you need 2300 to maintain your weight appears good. And your current activity level may mean that you burn only 200 calories a day which leaves you with 1800 calories i.e. 500 calories difference. But with right activity level, you may burn as much as 500 calories which takes your deficit to 800, giving you a chance to keep optimum food intake and lose weight fast too.


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