How many calories does it take to lose a pound? I hate dieting


There are many people who are not very fond of dieting. And it is true that leaving out the foods you love and sticking to a certain diet where you are asked to eat specific things and leave out the ones you like becomes a tough ask. But it is true that if you solely cut out on calories, you are able to lose weight. This prompts a question in the mind of many people that how many calories should they eat to lose weight. So, if you have a similar question in mind, here we will answer it for you.

How many calories does it take to lose a pound?

There are numerous answers to this question and the exact answer varies from person to person. This is because there are various factors accountable for losing weight and you have to keep them all in mind when you are doing your calculations. A general answer to this question is that it takes as much as 3500 calories for an individual, whether male or female, to lose one pound weight. So, 3500 calories equal 1 pound means that you have to deprive yourself of 500 calories per day if you are interested in losing one pound of weight in one week.

But when we talk about other factors that include the height of a person, his current weight, gender, activity level, etc., the number of calories to lose 1 pound will vary. A good way to do the calculation is get yourself a calorie calculator that works on Mifflin equation. It will consider a few key factors including your height, current age, gender, activity level, and current weight, and will help you in knowing about how many calories should you consume daily to lose weight.

Can I do it without dieting?

Let’s face it. Many people hate dieting and don’t want to change their living ways. So, the question arises in front of them that how can they do it without lowering down the calories or cutting down on the food they are eating. Well, the answer is yes and you can pretty much do it without dieting.

But the bitter truth is that you will have to put in a lot of efforts. While you may be permitted to eat big meals three times a day, you may still have to keep your food and meals in check and comply to nutritional requirements.

And as far as doing it without dieting is concerned, the basic of losing weight is eating less calories and burning more. Whether you do it by cutting down your caloric intake or deal with it by enhancing your activity level, it is all on your own.

What if I only stick to exercise?

As stated, one can lose weight by exercise only. But you have to pay attention to how many calories you are burning with the help of workout. Let’s say that you need 2200 calories to maintain your weight while to lose it you are advised to stay somewhere around 1500.

Now, your daily intake of food is as it is on regular days i.e. you are consuming about 2100 to 2300 calories a day. So, to lose weight, you have to assure that you are under 2200 calories barrier. For that, your workout should be vigorous because it must help you in burning at least 500 calories so that you can be near 1700 calories a day mark.

Why it is important to pay attention to diet and cut down on calories?

Let’s do the math with the same consideration but this time we will include a little bit of dieting to it. Your daily consumption of 2200 calories is lowered down to 1800 with the help of dieting. Furthermore, your workout accounts of 300 calories burnt and subtracting it from the 1800 daily calories intake you will end up with 1500 calories per day.

So, which one appears to be easy? Hitting gym and training ground for hours to burn 500 to 700 calories or moderate workout to burn 200 to 300 calories along with a slight cut down on your food intake to lower down daily calories consumption by 200 to 300 calories?


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